Pink super moon 2020

Super Moon

This special pink super moon is in the 7th house (house of libra). The goddess Venus brings in a time for beauty, love, romance, emotional divine energy, positive relationships, team work and partnerships.

She is in the house of libra, balance and harmony. Her plants are roses and are all flowers. The power of the moon. Perhaps the most influential cycle is that the moon our ancestors knew planned most of their lives around its cycle from planting, harvesting marriage and magic.

The super pink moon in libra is good news for  your relationships as libra is about balance (the scales). This super moon will help us to seek out balance in our relationships. Choose to accept and open your heart into positive divine energy and put your mind into a positive mindset. If you are stuck in a negative mindset and you want to release and move forward with the 7th house energy, you have a wonderful balance coming in to your life. I have set out a simple intention ritual for you that can help you access this beautiful energy; buy some beautiful roses or flowers of your choice and put them into your home.

Cleanse your house using  sage stick, Frankincense or palo santo sticks. However, don’t just waft it round the room. Set your intentions and then work in an anti-clockwise direction (widdershins) and ask for all negative energy to be removed.

In a ceramic or electric burner, burn aromatherapy oils of jasmine, rose and lavender which will bring in balance, love and harmony. Ask goddess Venus into your home by making a wish or intention and asking her to bless your home.

Moonbath sits in the energy of  the pink moon. Think about what you would like to be balanced and bought in to your life without harm to none.

May your bright moon blessings last.

Sarah x

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