Purification and preparation to reopen to the spirit world

As I walked up the high street in Glastonbury before my acupuncture treatment I popped into one of my favourite shops; Star Child Purification which was on my mind and I went straight to their purification tea’s.

So to start my cleanse, I’ve picked up a tea called purification herbal tea. It is a fundamental part of physical and spiritual hygiene, clearing out the old making room for the new. It helps to release toxins that can clog both physical and mental pathways. (By the way this process is going to be challenging, physically and emotionally painful. It will need strength, endurance, and a lot of tissue!)

There is only one moon and it is now the waning moon, this phase of the moon is perfect for letting go, releasing and cleansing. As a priestess we always do our cleansing rituals now. I’m also taking another ritual on to allow myself to open up to spirits and I am reopening my gateways.

This purification will take me twelve days to complete, I am really excited about this challenge and will keep you informed.

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