celebrating the first spark of spring with candle

Imbolc, celebrating the first spark of spring

Northern Hemisphere: Imbolc is on February 1, 2020

This Sabbat/festival is a fire festival or festival of lights. The celebration of goddess Bridgid as the maiden aspect, she is a sun and moon goddess working with the elements of fire and water. Bridgid is from Tuatha De Danann, bringing light into the dark.

As you know there are many ways to celebrate this Sabbat, so let’s keep it simple.

Blissful cleansing bath, before your sacred ritual.

Make a Imbolc essential oil mix using a carrier or base oil and the following;

  • lavender, two drops
  • Lemon, one drop
  • Jasmine, two drops
  • Rose oil, one drop

Imbolc rite

On this day you will want to surround yourself with a circle of candles nineteen, to be exact. This represents the number of Bridgid’s priestesses in Kildare. You will also need one candle to represent Bridgid herself. So in total, twenty candles are needed.

The process for this is simple. Begin by lighting the circle containing nineteen candles. Walk into the centre of the circle whilst holding the twentieth candle in the palm of your hand. Once you are in the centre you can light the final candle saying, with all your heart…

Invoking goddess Bridgid.

Bridgid of the sacred flame,
I come tonight to call your name,
aid me in my magical rite,
Bless me with your presence tonight.

Bridgid goddess of the sacred well,
help me turn my magical spell,
keep my hearth and home with care,
so I may feel your magic there.

Blessed Bridgid I honour you with this sacred flame,
I ask you for guidance, blessing and protection,
guide my heart and bless me with your love and inspiration,
please protect the ones I love with the warmth of your sacred fires,
arise blessed Bridgid,
awaken the earth with your fiery arrows of light,
Blessed Be.

Optional, you may want to write a list of your goals for the new beginning and then burn them in the flames of Bridgid.

Here is a video with a lovely piece of music to help with your connection to Bridgid.

Enjoy your evening, I hope this goes well for you.

Bright blessings.

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