Clearing and opening psychic energy

After building myself up to gain full confidence to announce my opening of the priestess of the sacred isle I had a healing session that ended up terribly wrong.

To be honest it was a complete disaster. It was the wrong energy and shut me down energetically for psychic work on all levels. I was blocked and felt disjointed, it messed up my chakras and meridians. I will speak about these in depth later on. Funny how the universe works, this has lead me down a very interesting path indeed.

So I’m having to prepare myself for complete detox and go back to basics, so I decided to work on myself with Celtic Reiki symbols. After seven days of working on my chakras I started to see some results. I also booked to see an acupuncturist, Matt in Glastonbury. Joke is I’m petrified of needles.

So after a three hour drive to Glastonbury Matt and I discussed my issues and how he could help me to open my meridians and also chakra points. (Still don’t know how I did this but out of sheer frustration and desperation I lay there with needles galore).

I have to say after that it was a pleasant experience and I could really feel the energy open and flow. I was really impressed, I’ve now booked a block of treatments and let’s see what happens in the future with this adventure.

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