Samhain celebration

Celtic New Year

All Soul’s Night

Samhain 31st October

This is the festival of the years end and new beginnings. This is the Celtic New Year, now in Europe and America we call this Halloween, meaning “Hallows Eve”. This festival is over 2500 years old and actually begins at sunset on the 30th October, expanding into the Celtic New Year.

At this time the veil between the words (spirit worlds) is very thin. This was a time to honour one’s ancestors and those who passed over. For a priestess this is a time for Scrying, Prophecies and Crystal ball gazing and reading.

How to celebrate Halloween

  • Carving/decorating pumpkins and making soup from them.
  • Inviting friends over for a wonderful feast and having a party to celebrate.
  • Read a Samhain poem, make it sacred.
  • You can do a ritual to release what no longer serves you. Letting go of last year and getting ready for the New Year.
  • Light many candles in celebration of your people (your ancestors) and their lives.
  • Burning aromatherapy oils to bring atmosphere. A list of which can be seen below:
  • 3 parts: Frankincense, 2 parts: Myrrh, 1 part: Juniper, Rosemary and Cedar-wood.

Most importantly enjoy your night, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere and your time on this sacred Sabbat.

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