12 Day Purification

Bring me back to life

The purification is twelve days because in numerology the meaning of twelve is enlightenment.

I’m over halfway through this process, I finish this Friday. All I can say is wow! What an awakening of a complexity of emotions. I am surprised that I didn’t have such a physical experience, but emotional was the key to this detox. All of my shadow side of thoughts, my insecurities has reared up to the surface allowing me to release them, accept them and deal with these issues that are not allowing me to be my true essence.

It’s been a challenge and has taken me right to the edge of finding my heart and soul that was blocked from the treatment. These feelings bubbling up to the surface is allowing myself to re-find unconditional love for myself and others. To do this I had to temporarily disconnect from family and friends as it bought up issues that I had to deal with. This bought great pain and sadness, to the point of allowing myself to recognise that this was something that I needed to deal with within myself. My fear of not being loved, wanted, respected or needed.

These issues come from wanting to fit into the community and what we have been trained and confirmed to believe in what we should have on an emotional aspect and within this materialistic and egotistical world which we live in right now.

I have reconnected to the land, countryside and my gorgeous animals, they have guided me out of this world to unconditional love. I felt I needed to connect with the simple beauty of nature to ground and balance my inner being. I sat outside by a beautiful river in the glorious sunshine. I was now at my lowest point.

I called and prayed to the Goddess and my Arc Angels and asked for them to wake my spirit, I then recalled a song that I love very much – Evanescence, Bring me to life. I can honestly say this did wake me up!

This has been a tough one as I have been with another Priestess, Lady Arla who has also been going through the same process with me every night, at midnight. We have been doing a prayer and driven to a sacred space to do this purification, to help us open up to spirits. We are both shattered!

So be kind to yourself, take time to sit in the beautiful sunshine and connect to your soul. There are messages everywhere from spirits and angels, you just need to open your heart and mind. They are in songs, with animals, nature, feathers, pictures, gifts, friendships and places. Whatever you are drawn to, you will find them.

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